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MMIW/MMIP Chapters and Groups

This is a page dedicated to the on going hard work an dedication it takes to be an advocate for the cause ! 

These are groups and chapters that I have had the honor to met and spend time with. 


MMIW Indian Capital 

MMIW Indian Capital is located in Anadarko, OK . they are an amazing group of people who set out to search for the missing an comfort the loved ones of ones who are no longer here . they have dedicated everything to make sure that the community has support in everything . 

Their mission 

 "The mission of M.M.I.W.- Indian Capital is to increase knowledge and awareness about the impact of murdered and missing Indigenous victims on our Native communities and to provide support services to victims and their families". (statement from their site. )

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Missing Murdered Indigenous Women-Chahta

Missing Murdered Indigenous Women-Chahta is located in the Oklahoma City, Ok area . They are wonderful group that steps up and helps with domestic violence and abuse survivors but also are there for their community and for MMIW 

Their Mission 

"Raising awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Educating on domestic violence & healing"

contact info :

Newe Waipaipain MMIW


Newe Waipaiain MMIW Group is located in Elko, Nevada. This group does so much for their native community and are huge advocates as well as help be the voice for the loved ones who are no longer here. 

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"Carrying The Message"
MMIW Group 

"Carrying the message" MMIW group is located in Fort Hall , ID . There mission is to bring awareness and strive for justice for the ones who are no longer here and who are missing .

Indigenous Women Rising Orange County

Indigenous Women Rising Orange County is located in the heart of Santa Ana , CA .
This group of amazing women help with searching for missing loved ones but also advocate for domestic violence survivors and as well, they fight for justice !
contact information : 

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