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     My Recent Work  “ Here… Our Voices, Our MMIW Movement”, focuses on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.  In my work I photograph indigenous women and in some cases their daughters. I traveled to various tribal areas in both California and  surrounding states to hear their stories, feel the pain, and be able to comfort the many indigenous sisters who each had a connection to this movement. Each portrait is captured in a way that words can not describe, These powerful women have payed tribute to memories to their lost  loved ones, and their strength stand for others who can't. Within these photos there is a red hand 

print which stands for solidarity and a moment of silence for the ones lost, each woman wore it proudly. When the moment we shared together passed, I had them write a statement of how they were feeling at that moment and why they stepped forward to do this series.

They shared their story, memories, and connections to the MMIW. My vision for this series is to touch lives and prove that you can stand up, speak up, and that one day this epidemic will stop! 

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